This is a blog. It is a place to put things I write so that I will a) be held accountable (to whom, I am not quite sure) and b) let my nice friends read some things I write if they are so interested. Most, but not all, of the recent works on this blog are fiction. I don’t feel it’s necessary to distinguish which ones are fiction and which are directly from the horse’s mouth (if I am a horse). I would say that you could assume most are a little of both, but that is not really true. Sometimes the voices I write belong to men, of whose ranks I am clearly not a member. But then again, some of the male characters experience thoughts and fears and feelings that are very similar to what I do. Often the female voices I assume do too. And sometimes there are voices like the one in Wine Time, who I only have one (not insignificant) trait in common with: an unabated and indiscriminate appetite for middle-of-the-road wine.

I sought to undertake a month-long writing challenge of sorts to get back in the habit before I go to grad school, but it’s proving to be very beneficial for me personally to be reminded that there are many stories in my head that would like to get out. As far as challenges go, I haven’t been successful in posting something every day. But I have written something every day, and that’s more important to me. I might put a little more time into longer or more thoughtful pieces. Maybe they will turn out to be longer and less thoughtful. We will have to see.